• We've been in business for over 10 years

Why spend thousands of dollars to have someone else
monitor your security when you can do it yourself. As
a security consulting business I can advise and design
personalized system for your residential and commercial.
I will guide you every step of the way and leave you with
peace of mind and money in your pocket.
My name is Robert J. Harris and I am the founder of
Harris Security Consultant Inc. I can go the long way
and talk on how I started the company a long time
ago. It has been around for some years and is set-up
to help people with security matters. In my time in
security I see people looking  for help on how to
set-up security cameras and how to set-up the right
retail security systems. So here is my company. We
are here to help you design a surveillance systems
for the residential and commercial. Company
consults clients on their needs like security
surveillance and Loss Prevention. The company
policy is the client is first.
Harris Security Consultant Inc
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Harris Security Consultant
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The meaning of a Security Consultant
The definition of a consultant is an individual who
provides professional or expert advice in their
particular area of expertise. The origin of the word
"consultant" is from the Latin word consult or "to
discuss". This "discussion" must take place well
before pen goes to paper; therefore it is imperative
that the consultant invest the requisite time
understanding the client's organization, capability
and needs. This why it is good to call a Security
Consultant to help you.